Roblox Break In Wiki

This article is about the events of the first day of Break In.


The players head off the Moving Truck, exhausted from their ride. They then proceed to enter the House and look around for items and food to gain some energy. Outside they can see residents of the neighborhood, such as Crazy Uncle Pete.

You also get to explore the house. You will find the kitchen, living room, basement, bedrooms, as well as a bathroom.

The Basement Key can be found, along with money and food. The Basement Key always changes where you can find it but the food usually spawns in different places each time.

After some time, the story cycles to the first night.


Preferably, the players should try to maximize their productivity.

Players should:

  • Talk to Crazy Uncle Pete and find out his quest should they want to attempt it, so they can set aside the necessary items.
  • Search all drawers (better if you open the drawers from bottom to top to save time) for food, money, or the Basement Key.
  • Unlock the Basement (even though it will be too dark to see/go inside).
  • Locate the Safe by clicking on Paintings (You click on the paintings 4 times until it falls, revealing a vault).
  • Buy anything necessary from the Grocery Store if possible, as the store will be inaccessible afterwards until Day 4.
  • Claim a bed by sleeping on it. Once you've claimed it, your username will appear in green above the bed. It is best if you choose a room with more people, or the Blue Room (since it is more spacious, and you can run around more freely)
  • On Day 1 one of the drawers will remain open, there will be an Apples there, if you are using The Protector, it is advisable to consume the apple first as the your energy will be depleted at night when the bad guys attack you.
  • If you are playing as The Guest , it is advisable to play with a friend. Tell him to search for items and quickly buy the Pie Dish if possible. Complete Uncle Pete's quest, get Louie and feed it to the cat. The cat will then restore energy if you pat it every once a while.


  • On day 1 The House floor won't load and show a light blue color. This usually happens after the Easter Ending is done.