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This article is about the events of the second day of Break In.


The family wakes up after the events of Night 1. After stating the Room Invasions and the results of them, the Narrator will prompt everyone to board up all the windows and doors.

There are piles of wooden Boards in the center of the main rooms. The family will have to use the boards to secure every window and door in the house, including a Secret Entrance.

An entrance is secure when 10 boards have been applied to it, rendering any additional boarding unnecessary. This is also denoted by it turning a slightly darker color, so you do not need to board more. (The bigger windows can only be boarded up for a limited number of boards, so don't waste your time on it after it's reached its limit.)

After some time, the Narrator will access boarding and give a grade of "Terrible", "Okay", "Great", or "Perfect". A Perfect grade also requires that the toilet is boarded up, resulting in the players earning the "Boarding Expert" Badge. The Narrator then announces the two players who did the most boarding (the first more than the other person).

After that, the story will cycle to Night 2.



  • While boarding doesn't affect whether your house gets attacked or not, it does affect how many Villains attack later in the game. The better your grade, the fewer the number of villains in the following two Room Invasions.
  • One person should definitely attempt to finish the Lights Challenge on the Laptop. (Therefore letting access the Basement early and getting the weapons and code for the Safe)
  • When boarding up the toilet, try sitting on it and clicking above your legs near the center of the toilet, instead of standing. This will help your time not get sucked out trying to get all 10 boards on the toilet.
  • Get to the Attic as soon as possible. You can do so by finding the entrance outside of the Pink Room, plus the Ladder from the Basement