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This article is about the third day of Break In.


Unfortunately, the boards put up on the previous day were not enough to hold the Villains. After tallying off the attacks, the Narrator has the players check for broken windows.

Sure enough, one of the windows near the door to the Basement is found broken. After the broken window is found, the Narrator notices a noise coming from the Basement, and, in a scared tone, says it believes a Villain is still downstairs.

Thinking the noise sounds huge, the Narrator urgently tells the players to hide in one of the 3 Hiding Spots(Either the cabinet in the kitchen, the cabinet in the living room or behind the drawer shown in the picture. Sometimes, you can also hide behind the wall in the kitchen).

Scary Larry then walks out of the Basement and walks to the upper levels, killing anyone he sees while doing so. Then, the Narrator yells at everyone to run to the Basement. Anybody that continues to hide at that point, or if they fail to reach the Basement before the door closes, gets attacked by a group of Villains.

In the Basement are multiple melee Weapons. The players ready themselves for combat as the Villains break into the Basement. Note: The spawn point for the Villains is always the same area.

Note: If the door to the Basement is not closed, the number of Typical Villains is increased from 2 to 5, accompanied by the message, "You left the Basement door open, this is going to be a lot harder now."

After fighting off enough typical villains, the last one (of the compulsory ones) drops a padlock, which the players can then pick up and use to secure the door.

After the basement is secured and cleared of Villains, the players lay out the three bedrolls in the Basement. While only three players are able to sleep, the energy normally lost for not sleeping is not applied because there are limited bedrolls so you can or can't get one.

The story then continues to Night 3.

Egg Hunt 2020 Mission

R6wave.gif Farewell. You have been an awesome part to the Purge...

The following content has been removed from the game. The contents below may be archival, but feel free to edit below.

If the players successfully complete Chilly Charlie’s quest, an egg portal will open. During Day 3, it will show a cutscene of all players being sucked in, and an alternative story takes place. Players will spawn in what appears to be a battle arena. A boss battle will initiate where players must damage the Deviled Egg in order for Chilly Charlie to trap him in the Ice Egg.

When players successfully complete the boss battle, they are rewarded with the Brainfreeze Egg.

The story then progresses to Night 3.

This content has been removed since the end of the event but replaced with the Easter Ending.


  • While it is not advised, it is still possible to bake a pie while Scary Larry is coming out of the Basement. This is due to the fact that there is a hiding spot in the Kitchen. It is a better choice simply to bake the pie before initiating the cutscene.
  • You can’t fight Scary Larry in this day. If he spots you, you will be frozen in place and beaten by him until you die.
  • Do not attempt to hide in either the bedrooms or bathroom. Since Scary Larry goes upstairs, it will be much more difficult, if not outright impossible, to run to the basement.
  • If you haven’t cracked the code, picked up a weapon, or search for items in the Basement, now is the time to do it.
  • During the defense phase, unless the goal is for the Guest or someone to avoid losing energy, all players are advised to fight off Villains, as the slower the process, the more threat the Villains will cause.
  • If you want to get some additional money, do not pick up the padlock until you have gotten enough. Money farming is ideal because the Grocery Store offers Cookies which have infinite stock.
  • If you are using The Stealthy class, you can try sneaking in the basement while being invisible when Scary Larry goes upstairs. But you have to be fast.
  • Make sure to prepare enough food, the villains come in huge groups.