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This article is about the events of the fourth day in Break In.


After a night in the Basement, the players finally come out. The Narrator points out that Scary Larry and Villains have escaped through the main door.

The narrator will prompt players to go to the nearby Grocery Store and buy some materials for the following days and nights. Players also need to watch out for Ice on the road, as slipping will cause them to lose 15 energy. Players have the option to spend their collected money at the Grocery Store in exchange for useful stuff like snacks, heals, and other equipment. Right across the Road from the Front Door perspective, players will see a message saying "You Are Next" on the collapsed house with Uncle Pete's car. The broken sheds of the houses do not damage you, but the ice does if you fail to avoid it.

After a few minutes, the Narrator will notify all players to come home before he/she locks the doors. If the player doesn’t make it in time, he/she will lose 15 energy and teleport back to the house.


  • If you don't have a Pie Dish, you can buy one at the Grocery Store or search the Attic. It is advised to check the Attic first to prevent wasting precious money and it will also earn the "Storage Hunter" badge.
  • Medkits and Super Heals are other useful tools to buy at the Grocery Store. This will be helpful for the boss fight during Day 5. It is also a good time to reach out to Crazy Uncle Pete, as you have plenty of time to bake pies and buy the snacks he requires as part of his quest. However, sometimes he is behind one of the sheded buildings and does not make an appearance. Rarely, he may actually wander into The House, making it very easy to give him the food if you already have it meaning there will be no risk of slipping unless you also intend to get Chilly Charlie his ice blocks.
  • This is also a day to do important stuff as there is a lot of time and you can go outside, like creating access to the Attic, cracking the code for the Safe or just discussing tactics and strategies with your teammates.
  • You can still buy the Teddy Bear if you want to, since it will work on the Impostor (or the fake pizza delivery man), the forthcoming Room Invasion, and Minions, but just note that it won't work on Scary Larry during the Sewer Ending boss fight.


  • This is the last day you are able to give Uncle Pete his 3 requested food items.
  • This is the only day you are able to get the ice blocks to give to Chilly Charlie.
  • Since Chilly Charlie is always in the Yard, always give him the Ice blocks after you've done everything else, because you won't lose energy while inside the house's perimeters.
  • You can slip on the ice and lose 15 energy every time you fail to avoid it.
    • However, sometimes the hitboxes glitch and you keep tripping for no reason when you didn't touch the ice.
  • If you're close to the house but not in it, you won’t lose any health.
  • This is the best day to go to the grocery store, as you might want to explore the house on Day 1.
  • Always try to save $20 so you can buy the high sugar bloxy cola if you know you can do the parkour.
  • This is the last day you can tame the Cat before it vanishes.