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This article is about the 5th day in Break In, the point which is the final boss battle with either Scary Larry or the Deviled Egg.


After the players wake up, they hear the alarm going off. They are given the option to vote for any unlocked endings, if more than one exists. The Narrator then prompts the players to investigate the alarm, warning them to be careful.

When the players look outside, a cutscene reveals Scary Larry coming out of the destroyed Grocery Store holding a Bloxy Cola in his left hand and the Golden Crowbar in his right, heading towards the players' direction.

Seeing the events playing out, the Narrator prompts the players to escape the house immediately.

If the Normal Ending route is chosen, the Narrator has the players use the manhole to enter the Sewer, believing they will be safe there.

If the Easter Ending is chosen, the Narrator has the players use the Egg Portal to escape.

If the Final Ending is chosen, the Narrator has the players board Uncle Pete's Car; after about 30 seconds, the car takes off, the Cat in a hot pursuit.


  • If you chose the Final Ending, the Impostor can follow you and kill you, so it's best to have him defeated.
  • Players can still find Crazy Uncle Pete and finish his quest while Scary Larry chases towards the player’s direction.
  • Players can avoid starting the cutscene for some time to bake pies or do any last-minute things. The Impostor in Night 4 always leaves a Pie Dish and some Pizza if you answer the door.
  • Do not find the cat. If not befriended until now it will despawn, so bear in mind that Night 4 is the last chance you can tame the cat and have an opportunity to get the "Certified Pro" Badge.
  • For the Sewer, players should go one at a time, as it is easier to mess up when jumping along with other players. It is important to save players from drowning if you want more numbers for the boss fight.
  • If there are Medics, they should not be the ones saving people who are drowning. Others can save and the healers can heal their energy back.
  • Should you have good resources and at least 20 Money, consider attempting the dark parkour to get to the Secret Shop(consider going with another player because the dark parkour is very hard and you would probably drown.) and purchase a High Sugar Bloxy Cola, as it will make it much easier to dodge Scary Larry's Charge attack, and you can get the Badge. However, do not drink it until after reaching the arena, as it will also increase the difficulty of the parkour.