Roblox Break In Wiki
Go to bed. Protect your friends.

–Narrator, Night 1

This article is about the events of first night of Break In.


The weather is stormy.

The Narrator will have the players sit at the Dining Room table and wait for dinner to arrive.

Sure enough, the pizza delivery person arrives with 3 boxes of Pizza, which are placed on the Dining Table,

Each person can take one randomly sized slice of pizza by clicking one of the boxes. Each slice has five uses, and the amount each use heals depends on the size. The smallest size heals 1 energy, the medium slze heals 3 energy, and the largest slice heals 6 energy if large piece.

Suddenly, the lights go out, except for the television in the Living Room. The Narrator expresses concern. 30 seconds later, an emergency news broadcast airs. The family is warned of the beginning of the Purge, Villains being on the loose, destroying Roblox games, and killing people. The players are advised to stay inside and protect themselves against the onslaught. Finally, the villain leader is shown: Scary Larry.

The Narrator dismisses the report and sends the players to bed. However, the report ends up being something to worry about, as two rooms are attacked by one villain each while one room isn't attacked. (Mostly the Blue Room) After the villains leave the rooms, the story cycles to Day 2.


  • If you do not have a Protector in your room when attacked, try to avoid the Villain's attacks by running around. (This would be easiest in the Blue Room, because it is the most spacious.)
  • You should hurry and open the door because the pizza guy will leave if you don't open it on time and you will not get any pizza.
  • Always sleep, because you gain +20 energy if you do (40 with Gamepass, "Heavy Sleeper"), and you lose -60 energy if you don’t. This rule does not apply to the basement on Day three because there are only 3 bedrolls.
  • The pizza box sizes are consistent for all players, so announcing the size of pizza you got from which box can help your team.


  • In the new Metaverse Event update, the front door now remains open on Night 1 in order for players to complete the spray painting side quest.