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This article is about the events of the second night in Break In.


The Narrator, after remarking how fast the time went by, tells the players that there are three slices of medium-sized Pizza left on the Dining Table. He then starts counting down from 20 seconds, but the notification fades away at 18 seconds, informing the players they need to get to the dining table before the countdown ends. The box then reappears at 5 seconds to end the countdown.

After the time is up, the pizza slices will be given to three random players sitting at the Dining Table (Increased chance for The Guest), each slice is a medium one (3 energy each bite).

Suddenly, the lights go out again, and an outside light turns on, shining through the windows. The source is the Villains van, with a group standing outside, getting ready to break in. This time, 1-2 villains will appear, depending on your grade after boarding up the windows and doors.

The Narrator, hoping the boards are enough to hold them back, sends the players to bed.

Unfortunately, the boards don't hold them, as 1 or 2 rooms are attacked depending on how good you board up the room. And in rare cases, they might spawn in a trio (3 villains).

The story then cycles to Day 3.


  • If you have high Energy, consider not getting to the table first and letting The Guest and players with lower energy have a higher chance for the Pizza. Because at the end you all get a weapon and will fight Scary Larry and it is best to have as many players as possible.
  • Instead of boarding up the house, you may do the Lights Challenge so then you can access the basement earlier.