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This article is about the events of the third night in Break In.


The family finds only 3 bedrolls in the Basement. The Narrator says that only some of the family members can sleep. However, those who do not sleep will not lose energy, unlike other nights.

This is the only peaceful night with no attacks whatsoever. However, if you did not pick up the padlock, villains will continue to invade the basement.

Upon finishing the Egg Hunt 2020 Quest, players will be teleported to the start of this night.

After some time, the story cycles to Day 4.


  • People who are low on energy should sleep first, but if there are medics, then the medics can sleep since they can’t heal themselves.
  • If you need to sleep, move around the bedroll, as it will be easier for you to get the spot.
  • Only sleep if you are low on health (others gain health so they can fight).
  • There is a glitch where if the cat is near you and you click on it, it will damage you but you will "wake up" from your bed. You can use this to your advantage and repeatedly get energy until you get to a decent amount.
  • Keep walking in circles within one of the bedrolls so you can quickly sleep and not risk your bedroll being occupied by others.