Roblox Break In Wiki

This article is about the fourth night of Break In.


After the events of Day 4 the story cycles to night and the weather is rainy again. The narrator compliments the players on grabbing supplies, then states that they have ordered pizza again.

After a couple of minutes, there is a knock on the door. If a player answers, there will be a delivery person at the door there, however, after dropping off the pizza, they reveal themselves as the Impostor and prepares to fight the players.

If no one answers the door, this Impostor will simply break into the house and not give the pizza. In both circumstances, a mini-boss battle will initiate. As the players fight, the narrator will eventually urge the players to hurry.

Soon after, regardless of whether the Impostor is defeated, the narrator continues to prompt all players to sleep. The Impostor will still be present in the house if not defeated. During the nighttime, there will once again be Room Invasions.

Note: Players can also sleep in the Basement, however, it can be attacked, too. 

The story then cycles to Day 5.


  • Always open the door in the game, not ignore him. If you don't open the door the Impostor will break in anyways and there will be no pizza. If you open the door, yeah, he still comes in, but at least there is pizza.
  • It is best to hit the Impostor when he isn’t spinning. This is an exception to The Officer and The Swat as they can attack within a long range.
  • Do not avoid defeating the Impostor as they may follow you into your bedroom, and then you will have to deal with them along with the other Minions, or he will damage you while the cutscenes are shown.
  •  You may be able to get the Impostor stuck in the ceiling of the House, effectively immobilizing him. He will still attack, however.
  • If you are low on energy, it is best to go to the attic, since the Impostor will not follow you there. Also go to the attic if you are a guest, because you take more damage as a guest.
  • Try to lead him to the kitchen so he gets stuck in the chair, otherwise when this fails, lead him to the stairs so that his head gets stuck in the roof, making him easy pickings for you.

Bugs/ Glitches

  • If you sleep on the bed when not told to and the you can’t sleep right now message appears and you never get up, you can lose 60 energy.