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This article is about the events of the 5th night of Break In.

Note: This doesn't officially count as a night of the game, which means you can’t sleep, but you can still explore the House and the Neighborhood, and buy things from the Grocery Store if you have money.


This night is only obtainable if the players achieve the Evil Ending. After the scene of the player with max Energy picking up Golden Crowbar, which drops after Scary Larry is defeated they will immediately teleport out of the Sewer. It appears to be night-time for some reason, and the story ends here. There are no Police arresting Villains, and the neighborhood remains collapsed and whoever picks up the Golden Crowbar becomes a Villain.


  • Both the Good Ending and Final Ending end during daytime, while the Evil Ending ends during the night, as a darker setting provides a more “evil-ish”/spooky vibe.