Roblox Break In Wiki

The Adults are a type of Class in Break In, being listed as Hard modes, and The Guest as Hardcore.


Being older people, the Adults have the responsibility of protecting Kids; and so will be able to deal more damage than Kids and have slightly more Energy, making them better at surviving on their own.

The items that they spawn with are either Weapons to assist in killing Villains and protect others; or otherwise a Medkit to heal others.

Even The Officer and The Swat can join the team.

One downside of Adult roles is that they do not possess any energy-healing or survival items (aside from Weapons). If the player excels in combat, then it is advisable for them to choose an Adult role.


Class Item
The Protector Baseball Bat
The Medic Medkit
The Officer Gun
The Swat Machine Gun
The Guest Classic Sword