Roblox Break In Wiki

The Kids are a type of role in Break In, being listed as Easy mode. They also run faster than adults, but have a damage nerf.


Being younger people, the Kids have a damage nerf that lowers the damage they deal towards Villains, but The Fighter does not. However, the kids do have a speed boost. Overall, this gives them a tough time surviving if there is not an adult around. Though they don't get a weapon when you start if you didn't choose The Fighter. So on the first night it is not advisable to sleep in a room alone because when a purger comes you will be there only target and you can't fight back unless your kid role is The Fighter. So if you are The Stealthy, The Hungry or The Hyper you can only get your weapon on day 2 from the Basement or the Attic.

To compensate, Kids start with more useful and handy items.




The Stealthy Teddy Bear
The Hungry Bag of Chips
The Fighter Toy Sword
The Hyper Lollipop