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The Guest is an Adult role in Break In. It can be unlocked by obtaining 10 of the game's 18 Badges. It functions as the game's Hardcore Mode and starts with the Classic Sword. Due to it functioning like the hardcore mode, it is recommended to search for any food item you can find for consuming.

The Guest starts the game with very low (1/200) Energy, which is depleted 3-4 times more than a normal player.

Additionally, another players can't use a Medkit on a Guest. (However, a Super Heal or Heal All works.) Gamepasses (heavy sleeper or extra cash) will also get disabled.

Finally, during the Scary Larry or Deviled Egg boss fight, the warnings of the attacks disappear much faster or not show up at all. Ultimately, this severely worsens The Guest's chances of survival.

The Guest gets damaged more than normal players (3-4 times the normal amount).


It can be found in the Lobby, on the right side of the right truck, between a blue and a green building.

Pros and Cons


  • On Night 2, the chance of getting one of the three slices of Pizza is higher for the Guest.
  • You can get the badge You Win (HARDCORE MODE) if you finish as the Guest. You can also obtain the badge Deviled Egg (HARDCORE MODE) if you obtain the Easter Ending.
  • The guest's classic sword will have more power if the guest has high energy, however, it is important to note that the guest can easily lose energy.


  • During the boarding on Day 2, The Guest can only pick up 5 boards at a time, if the energy is low.
  • The Deviled Egg boss fight is much harder.
  • The Guest loses 120 Energy when drowned.
  • The Guest has less time when attempting the Lights Challenge (15 seconds).
  • The Guest's Classic Sword loses more power than normal.
  • The Guest starts the game with much less energy than the other classes, as indicated by the GUI, which shows “Very Low”.
  • The Guest takes either twice, three times or four times damage in certain sources of damage. In others, however, the damage taken is the same amount as normal players.


  • Buy lots of bags of chips or superheals to heal up and power your sword, but only hit once per villain only to get the money he drops (if you don't hit the villain, he won't drop the money for you).
  • Use your money wisely. If you have 80 dollars and the chips cost 40, buy the 2 bags of chips instead of the superheal, because 2 bags of chips heal 300 energy in total while the superheal heals 225. However, if you have 70 dollars, buy the superheal instead of chips because you can only buy 1 bag of chips no matter the cost, and 1 superheal heals more energy than 1 bag of chips.
  • Try to save your bloxy colas and at least 1 bag of chips for the boss fight, because both Scary Larry and the Deviled Egg have charge attacks, which is harder to avoid being hit by as the Guest, given that none or only one of the "arrow warnings" appear.