Roblox Break In Wiki


The Hyper is a one of the Kid role in Break In that can be unlocked by earning 5 badges. It has a permanent damage debuff like other kid roles.


It begins with a Lollipop which gives speed boosts for a few seconds and heals 5 energy per charge, and in total there are 15 charges. When all the charges are used, it heals a total of 75 energy.


The Hyper can be accessed to the left of the Shop in the Lobby.

Direction-wise, when you join the Lobby, and you're facing towards the trucks, turn to the left, and you will find the class near the dumpsters in the alley. If you do not have the required badges, it will say you need - more badges.


  • Try to conserve the Lollipop, as its speed boosts may be helpful later on in the game, as it only has 15 charges.
  • Don't use it all in one go! Save it for when you fight the Impostor, Scary Larry, and well as for using the ladder, which takes away energy, as it will take exactly 5 charges (if you don't stop moving).
  • The Lollipop can also be used to travel faster in Day 4 to get into the Grocery Store faster or to get home faster when it's getting late.