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The Medic is an Adult Class in Break In, which starts with a Medkit.


The medic has a medkit that allows 6 charges to heal other players, healing 50 energy per use, excluding for The Guest and yourself, as well as to sense the approximate energy levels of other players.

Pros and Cons


  • Players will likely protect you as you're the medic.
  • You can obtain and choose your weapons.


  • You will get attacked during Room Invasions if your room doesn't have any person with weapons and you won't be able to heal yourself.
  • You might get less money than any other roles which start with a weapon.


  • The Medic is the only Adult Class not to start with a weapon.
  • If you try and heal yourself, then a Private Notification comes up saying, "You cannot heal yourself. I don't make the rules, I just read them".
  • It was recommended in the Egg Hunt 2020 Mission as a preferred class to support other players trying to get the egg.