Roblox Break In Wiki


The Stealthy is one of the Kid Role that starts with the Teddy Bear. The Stealthy suffers from a damage de-buff, like all other kid roles (except The Fighter).


The Stealthy has a teddy bear that can make them turn invisible for a period of 25 seconds (15 if on low health).

Pros and Cons


  • The Teddy Bear can turn the player invisible, which makes Villains unable to see, detect, or target them, allowing them to wait out Room Attacks, if you have no weapon this role is useful for the room fights.


  • The Stealthy is a kid role, meaning that it has a permanent damage debuff. And if the player’s energy happens to be Low or below that, they will turn invisible for a shorter period.
  • It won't work against Scary Larry as he will ignore your invisibility and still attack you.
  • During Scary Larry's battle, you also have to taken down minions, so if you're alone during the battle, it won't work.


  • The Stealthy is one of the original roles added into Break In, being in the game when it was first launched.
  • The Stealthy can still get hurt when they're invisible.
  • You can also buy the Teddy Bear in the Grocery Store for 40-60 dollars.

Bugs and Glitches

  • In some cases, you turn invisible for less than 15 seconds, but the countdown is still counting.
  • Sometimes it happens that you can become invisible during the whole game, even if you are not holding the teddy bear in your hand.