Roblox Break In Wiki

The Swat is a Gamepass Adult Role, which lets you spawn in the game with a Machine Gun. It costs 1299 Robux and it can be bought from the Robux Shop.


The Swat's high cost is somewhat remedied by its starter weapon, which is capable of doing massive damage even far away from Villains, being able to kill Typical Villains with a single magazine of bullets.


  • Try to stay distanced from Villains; there is no need to be too close because of the Swat's Machine Gun. If in a close combat situation, quickly deal with the enemy.
  • When fighting the Pizza Boss, there is no need to wait for him to stop to be dizzy. Shoot from a distance and if you have auto clicker, that should defeat the boss. Remember, after 35 shots the gun needs to reload for 1.5 seconds.


  • Despite its name, the SWAT's Machine Gun is more of an automatic rifle, due to its magazine capacity.