Roblox Break In Wiki

Break In is the story game developed by Cracky4.

The objective of the game is very simple:

Survive The Purge for 5 Days. Get all of the badges. Kill Scary Larry. Discover all Endings.

Currently, Break In is fully developed, but Cracky4 has mentioned Break In 2 when you complete the Final Ending.


A major event called “The Purge” is currently happening in Roblox. Players must, as the objective says, survive The Purge and defeat the Villains. The Purge is a group of Villains with their leader, Scary Larry, who raids Roblox games and causes untold chaos in the Neighborhood. The players will start in a Home, and slowly find materials and necessities that can help them prepare to take on the challenge against Scary Larry. Each night, the players witness signs of the Purge as they are frequently attacked by a few Villains. You end up either defeating Scary Larry in the Sewer, blow up Scary Larry, or defeat the Deviled Egg.