Roblox Break In Wiki
⚠️ Warning Must Read! ⚠️Please do not ask what the safe code is. Doing so will result in a warning. The code is different every single time.

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The Code is used for opening the Safe in Break In. If you open the safe for the first time, you get the Codebreaker Badge.


The Code is a 4-digit number written on a slip of paper. Players can find this slip of paper in the Basement.

In the Basement, there are various objects that, when interacted, will move. One of these objects hides a slip of paper under it. Note: The code is not always hidden under the same object, it is random.

After the code is entered in the safe, the slip of paper disappears.


  • Sometimes a player will be unable to find the code in the Basement, even if they interacted with every single movable item.