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Welcome to the Roblox Break In Wiki!

This wiki is about the new and popular ROBLOX story game, Break In, originally created by Cracky4, based on the Camping series created by SamsonXVI!

This wiki can be edited by anyone! We currently have 10,258 edits to 180 articles and 228 images.

Play the game here! Please remember to leave a like and favorite the game to support it! And of course, subscribe to Cracky4!

Feel free to click on any of the links in the wiki to understand more about the game below, do enjoy your time here! Also, please read the rules, as they provide information you need to follow.

Note: The game is constantly re-balanced and updated, so information on the wiki may not be accurate. Also, the wiki is under construction. Feel free to help by contributing constructive edits, but do not vandalize the wiki.

Main Objective

The main objective of this game is to survive the game, with Villains and other obstacles blocking your way! A side quest is to collect the 18 Badges, while also remembering to check out what secrets the game has in store. Have a great time exploring the wiki!

Enjoy your time here!
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  • Gdbbsjxk


    May 23, 2020 by Gdbbsjxk

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  • OrangeCarrotJuice

    1st: Ninja boy 575: 8.15

    2nd: Harck91: 7.5 3rd: I have no name: 7.45 4th: Royale high rules: 6.75

    Here are all of the scores:

    Royale high rules: 6.75

    Adiepuppy: 5.125

    I have no nammmmmme: 7.45

    The Confusing Illusion: 6

    Ninja boy 575: 8.15

    Harck91: 7.5

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