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Welcome to the Staff Page! This is where you meet Roblox Break In Wiki's Community Staff! If you have any queries or needs of assistance, don't be afraid to ask one of them! Community Staff are users who have certain abilities according to their roles to help, manage and improve the community. They also assist users, build designs, make events, and oversee the wiki activity!

The number of the staff of the community is dependent on how big and active the wiki is. If it is a small wiki, bureaucrats might not need to hire too many other staff members and enforce too much policies. However, this is a very big wiki with the promise of at least 3 edits every day or 2 days. So this wiki would need more staff, and fortunately it had already exceeded its excepted number of staff members!

If you wish to help a staff member, you can go ahead, create a profile to introduce yourself if you haven't one already, and start editing! Make sure your edits are quality edits. Check out our Rules to better understand the guidelines! You can check out the game as well, if you want!

Meet the Staff

The original Founder of this wiki is FLAMMECHAUD. He has been inactive recently, but fortunately he has entrusted this wiki to Prileb to manage and lead!

The Leader, entrusted by FLAMMECHAUD, is none less than our very own Prileb! He helps manage and lead the wiki and instruct the other admins and bureaucrats of the wiki! He helps with editing pages and sometimes in fixing the local CSS.

Bureaucrats are trusted managers of the wiki. They help improve content and manage/administer most of the parts of the wiki. They can also give out all local roles except Check Users, and revoke all local roles except Check Users and Breaucrats, except their own bureaucrat. We currently have 4 bureaucrats in the wiki.

They are....


OrangeCarrotJuice, alias Carrot, is a semi-active bureaucrat in the wiki. Carrot is mostly inactive these days, otherwise seen in the discussions, being friendly and chatting with the local users.

Iguana Oof

Iguana Oof, alias Iguana, is an active bureaucrat in the wiki. He, like Carrot, focuses on moderating discussions and chatting in it to make sure the "chat community" is following all the rules and enjoying their times in the wiki.


Jake10002, alias Jake, is a semi-active bureaucrat in the wiki. He is mostly seen starting conversations in message walls but can also be seen in the discussions to occasionally reply to some messages. He has also done a lot of work and helped a lot in the local CSS.

The Confusing Illusion

The Confusing Illusion, alias Illusion, is an active bureaucrat in the wiki. He can be seen protecting pages and dealing with vandalism, or in the discussions chatting with the local users.

Administrators have most rights of the wiki. They can grant/revoke Thread Moderator roles, have rights of both Content and Thread Moderators, block, unblock, access the full admin dashboard, etc. etc. We currently have 1 admin in our wiki.

He is....


TheEpicMeme1234, alias EpicMeme, sometimes known as Meme, is an active Administrator in the wiki. He is often seen protecting or editing pages, otherwise, like other staff members, chatting in discussions. However, unlike other staff members, he is seen doing more action in the discussions, like deleting inappropriate messages or messages that breaks the Discussions Policy of the wiki.

Moderators have 2 variants, Content and Thread Moderators. They have certain moderation tools, such as having access to Page Protection, post moderation, and deletion tools. They are the most junior staff of the wiki. We currently have 1 (active) moderator in this wiki.

She is...


PixelatedHeart, alias Pixel, is the only moderator on this wiki who is not inactive in doing her job. She is a discussions moderator and can be seen frequenting in discussions, chatting with the "chat community" as usual. Most people mistake her to be a boy.