Roblox Break In Wiki

As our community continues to expand, our articles are getting messed up more and more often. A lot of the rules regarding editing has been covered on the Rules page, but we would like to emphasize more of that here.


  1. Please use correct grammar. People reading text with poor grammar will be similar to reading a language you've taken a couple lessons on.
  2. Don't use abbreviations that people may not recognize. However, common units (e.g. cm. (centimeters), kg. (kilograms))
  3. Please use the correct genders. For example, the Cat has an unknown gender, so using "it" or "they" would be the correct use.
  4. No biased edits or assumptions. An example of a biased edit would be saying "boarding up the toilet is the secret entrance, but you'll look weird". An example of an assumption is saying that "Break In 3" will come out.
  5. Don't add pointless trivia. It's better for a page to not have a trivia section than to list things that are painfully obvious to anyone with a brain in their head. (The players are definitely not NPCs! OrangeCarrotJuice is clearly copying this rule from BSS Wiki and this sentence from Welcome to Bloxburg Wikia! Well, gee, if you hadn't told me, I'd never known!)
  6. Do not use external link syntax for internal links. In other words, do not put // into links. If you see the external link image  on your link while in edit mode, but not on the published page, you're doing it wrong.
  7. Please link the whole word if you are linking a plural noun. This looks better for the article, makes short words more clickable, and also, why would you not?
  8. When linking a page, only link it once on the page, unless viewers usually only look at one section of the page. For example, on the Scary Larry page, since it is long, viewers usually will not read the entire article; instead, they probably will look at one section. Thus, if they want to know what "Minions" are, and the link exists somewhere else, they will have to go searching for that link, or navigate there through the search bar. Thus, thinking about if a link is necessary or not is part of editing. Say, if you were to link all of the words here to their definition, that would be, well, unnecessary.
  9. Please try to use formatting when creating pages. Examples would be adding headers, subheader, indentation, or bullet points to organize the information. You can also use a table, tabber, or infobox to spice it up.
  10. Always bolden the page's title name.
  11. If you quote an in-game description, make sure to type everything word for word (including grammatical errors). If you find an in-game description to have grammatical errors, include "[sic]" label to indicate so.
  12. Please try to remain objective. Avoid stating anything that could have different opinions.
  13. Please write from a third person POV. Avoid using pronouns like "I", "we", "us", "you", or "your" unless they are absolutely necessary.

Adding/Removing Categories

While categories will help organize the wiki to look better, please be careful of what categories you add to certain articles. Follow these guidelines to ensure that a certain page indeed belongs in the category you added.

  1. Make Categories General- A nonexample of this would be creating a category called "Cookies", as this is too specific. A better option would be creating a category called "Food" and adding the Cookies page to it.
  2. Category Size- A category is meant for holding many pages. If you find trouble adding multiple relevant pages to the category, consider changing it as it may not work out.
  3. Only add relevant pages to categories- For example, if a category called "Pie" is created, even though Crazy Uncle Pete requires some pie for his quest, adding the Crazy Uncle Pete page to this is irrelevant. What is relevant is adding pages like "Apple Pie", "Cookie Pie", etc because they are variants of pies.
    1. To avoid this, use this format. “A [page title] is a [category]”. If the sentence makes sense, then the category works, and if it doesn’t, consider removing it. In the above example, we get “Crazy Uncle Pete is a Pie” which makes no sense, which is why it’s being removed. Another example that indeed works is when we add a Pie category to the Glazed Apple Pie’s page. Our sentence becomes “A Glazed Apple Pie is a Pie”, therefore, the category fits. Note: There will be exceptions to this rule, such as adding the “Break In 1” category to every page.

Creating Pages

It is important to understand the different criteria to determine whether a page should be created.

  1. Avoid too specific pages. Pages are typically meant to hold lots of information, and thus should remain general (not too general either). For example, do not create a page called "Losing Energy from Cat Scratching Player". This is way too specific and this information could be stated on the "Cat" and "Energy" pages instead.
  2. Avoid overly general pages. If something needs to be extremely general, it would likely be a category or disambiguation page instead. One example could be "Category:NPC". This page, although redirected to another page, is an example of something general that was turned into a category.
  3. Do not create meaningless pages. This one is quite obvious, but make sure that the page is relevant to the game. If this action is done continuously, a warning or block will be issued.
  4. Do not use pages for comments, remarks, or blogs. There's a comment section on the bottom of most pages that allows players to comment (as long as you confirmed your email). Pages are not a place to state opinion or make remarks, so this should also be saved for the comment section. For blogs, when creating a new page, title it "User blog:[username]/[title of blog]" to ensure that it becomes a blog instead.
  5. Move pages only when necessary. If you see that a page would be better under a different name, consider moving it or creating a redirect. To manually create redirects, first save all the content on this page elsewhere, then remove all content from this page and in the source editor, type "#redirect [page name]".
  6. Avoid creating copy pages. This could include pages that have the exact same name as another, pages that would express the same idea as another page, or pages that contain content too similar to another page. These pages would likely be deleted.

Examples of Poor Editing

Mistakes Examples Explanation
Incorrect Punctuation “I wAs outside when all of a suden peple wer taking to each others? I dontt know who they were? they dID Not talk to me..)” Use period, commas, and the punctuation correctly.
Incorrect Spelling “I wsa otusdie nwhe Al off a sudenn pepple were takingl to ech othre? I dotn now hoo d hey were. Thyee did nto talks to em...“ Umm, just spell correctly please.
Incorrect Tense “I were outside when all of sudden people was talked to each others. I dont known what they were. Them didnt talked to I.“ Use past tense verbs.
Run-on Sentences “I was outside, and all of a sudden there were people, and they were talking to each other and I don’t know who they were and they didn’t talk to me.“ Don’t squish several clauses into a long sentence. Separate them by a period.
Capitalization “i was outside when all of a sudden people were talking to each other. i don’t know who they were. they did not talk to me.“ Umm, capitalize “I” or a word starting the sentence please.
Subject-Pronoun Agreement (A lot of people mess this one up) ”Crazy Uncle Pete is an NPC who offers their side-quest to players.“ Crazy Uncle Pete is singular, but “their” is PLURAL. Replace their with “his”. If you don’t know the gender of the person, use “his/her”.

Mistakes Examples Explanation
Unorganized Information “Players go to Crazy Uncle Pete to obtain his quest. Also, Crazy Uncle Pete lives nearby. And Crazy Uncle Pete is an NPC that you talk to get the quest like I just said. You can bake a pie with a pie dish. You need to go to the Grocery Store to buy items. The quest will require items and pies.“ In this quote, you should start by saying he’s an NPC.
Irrelevant Information Crazy Uncle Pete is an NPC that offers a side quest for the players. The quest can involve pies and random items. You can bake a pie using a pie dish. The Pie Dish costs 40 dollars to buy at the Grocery Store. The Grocery Store is located across the Road and you need to use money to buy stuff. And btw, money is a currency in Break In. Break In is the game we play.” In this quote, you are covering way too much info that should be on different pages.
Vague Information “Crazy Uncle Pete is an NPC in Break In.“ In this quote, I don’t know much about him.
Overdetailed Information “Crazy Uncle Pete, a neighbor NPC whose mood varies between a crazy state and happy state that often wanders around different locations on different time periods of the day, offers a side quest involving different items ranging from foods to pies that could potentially be bought at the Grocery Store or found located in the different sized drawers.“ In this quote, the information is too wordy and not necessary.
False Information “Scary Larry is Crazy Uncle Pete’s dog.” In this quote, this statement is not confirmed. Could be considered vandalism.
Theories “Crazy Uncle Pete could be Scary Larry as they both have beards” Theories shouldn’t go on pages.
Assumption "Break In 3 will come out after the release of Break In 2" Unless this is confirmed, don't assume things.
Biased Edit "If you board up the toilet, people may think you are weird" First of all, this is unnecessary. Second, you don't know what people will think of you from doing that.
Slang/Casual Language “I was outside when some random dude was like “yo, wassup”. I was like “bruh” cuz I don’t know who they were since they weren’t my homies and they did not talk to me.“ Avoid casual language and slang as it sounds unprofessional.
Wrong POV “You were outside when all of a sudden people were talking to each other. You don’t know who they were. They did not talk to you.” Avoid first person or second person.
Tutorials “Crazy Uncle Pete is an NPC that gives out side quests to players. You have to go to the Grocery Store and use ur money to buy items. Then you have to talk to him and see what he wants. You also have to buy a pie dish or find one in the attic if he wants pies. Avoid a tutorial format as it sounds unprofessional. However, you are free to use this on our Strategies and Ideas pages.

Mistakes Examples Explanation
Messing with Links
  • [[Scary Larry]] —> [Scary Larry]
1st example: the link was removed. 2nd example: link was changed to an irrelevant page. 3rd example: link became nonfunctional after breaking it in source editor.
Adding random templates Any template that has no reason to be on that page. Please don’t.
Unorganized Information Not using Tables, Headers, Tabbers, Bullet Points, Bold/Italic Text, Indentation, etc. These wiki tools help organize information so that it is not messy across the page.
Adding Redundant/Useless Categories Adding “Crazy” category on the Crazy Uncle Pete page. There aren’t going to be other pages added to this “Crazy” category.
Adding Irrelevant Categories Adding “Weapon” category on the Protector page. A Protector isn’t a weapon.
Adding Unnecessary/Spam Pages
  • Creating a page called "Lol".
  • Creating a page called "Scary Larry's Beard".
  • Creating a page called "Hey guys, don't you think Crazy Uncle Pete's beard matches Scary Larry's?"
  • Creating a page called "My ideas for break in"
  • In the first one, this page is simply a text abbreviation that has no reason to exist as a page.
  • In the second one, Scary Larry's beard is too specific of a page. Is there much to say about it? And how would it affect gameplay. Couldn't we cover this on the Scary Larry page instead?
  • In the third one, don't create pages to write comments. Use the comment section instead.
  • In the fourth one, don't create pages for blog posts. Use this format: "User blog:[your username]/[your blog name]".