Roblox Break In Wiki


These are the rules of the Roblox Break In Wiki.
Due to Fandom rules, a wiki has to have a clear set of rules and users cannot be banned for other reasons. This should minimize the amount of ban appeals.
To see more specific rules about editing, please see the Editing Guidelines.
If you are unsure of the meaning of one of the rules, please leave a message on a staff's message wall asking for clarification on a certain rule.

Remember, rules are subject to logical reasoning. These rules are straightforward and use of loopholes to violate the placement of these rules is subject to disrespect regarding these policies. If you use loopholes, you will be warned without any exceptions.

General Rules

  • Keep it clean. Don’t make pages include curse or swear words.
  • Keep it simple. We strictly forbid spamming and we detest unformatted pages.
  • Strictly NO sexism or racism. This wiki is not for posting inappropriate stuff.
  • Be kind. Bullying or harassing is the very thing we are working against.
  • Vandalism is strictly FORBIDDEN! Any vandalisers can be blocked DIRECTLY!
  • Refrain from mass-advertising. You can do so ONLY in your user page.
  • Stay open minded. Remember, you are not the only user who has joined this wiki.
  • Stay away from editing other users' opinions. Different users have different opinions that should be respected.
  • Don't impersonate anyone. Do not create alternative accounts to impersonate another user on this wiki.

*note that inappropriate usernames are to be changed, or else risk being blocked.

Editing Guidelines

  • Add right on! Try not to delete information, but add on to them. If you really need to delete information make sure you wrote better than what was there before.
    • If you believe your information is better, ask an admin! They are always here to help.
  • Make pages tidy. Unformatted pages are to be deleted or fixed.
  • Do NOT insert gibberish. This is vandalism, and we definitely disallow vandalism.
  • Do NOT blank a page. Only blank a page if you would like to replace it's content.
  • Keep information verified. False information is a big no-no.
  • Do NOT badge grind. It is unfair for other users.
  • Keep information third-person or second-person. Only use first-person in profiles.
  • Keep information objective. Opinions and biased statements generally shouldn’t be on pages.
  • Avoid acronyms. Write out the full phrase instead, or do so in parenthesis after the acronym.

Staff Regulations

  • Do NOT abuse your rights.
  • Follow the rules. They are especially important to staff.
  • Keep our wiki and discord server clean. Do not try to destroy it.
  • Bribing is not allowed. Do not bribe a user or staff member.
  • Keep personal things private. Do not share or ask for personal info.

Code of Discussions

  • Keep it on-topic. Off-topic posts are to be deleted.
  • Keep it clean. Just like the above, posts with foul language are frowned upon.
  • Keep it civil. Try to refrain from using aggressive or provocative language.
  • Short posts are to be avoided. It's okay if you don't, just try!
  • Avoid necroposting. Don't reply to posts that are more than 2 weeks old. This applies messages and comments as well.
  • Edit posts when possible If you want to add on something to your post, edit it instead of creating a new post.
  • Do not discuss raids or raiding in mainstream discussions.

Punishment Policies

Tier Offense  Punishment
  • False report
  • Bypassing
  • Badge grinding
  • Inserting false information
  • Unnecessary edits
  • Off-topic messages
  • Discussing raids/raiders in main discussions

Reminder, or

  • Minor offensive content
  • Advertising
  • Minor toxicity
  • Foul language
  • Swearing
  • Harassing
  • Bullying
Block: 1-5 days
  • Minor Vandalism
  • Excessively long comments/threads
  • Mass-spamming
  • Spam-advertising
  • Posting off site links
  • Toxicity
  • Counter-productive edit warring
  • Discussing raids/raiders in main discussions (second offense)
Block: 5-7 days
  • Hate speech against community
  • Racism and Sexism
  • Attempting to scam (in any way)
  • Excessive spam unnecessary editing
  • Creating spam (useless) articles
  • Vandalism
Block: 2-4 weeks
  • Major vandalism
  • Uploading inappropriate files
  • Inappropriate username
  • Block evasion
  • Sockpuppetry
Permanent Block
  • Raiding the wiki
  • Breaking Fandom Rules or law
Global Block

Appealing a Warning/Block

  • If you think you were given a warning or block for the wrong reason or believe it should be appealed for any reason, please say it on your message wall after the block notice. If we believe your reason is valid, we will appeal the warning/block. Do not use this as an opportunity to unblock yourself if it is obvious you broke one of the rules, and have been presented with valid evidence proving your block.

Note: Administrators may also make alternative decisions, such as shortening the block period.

If an admin has denied your appeal and you still believe you were blocked wrongly, you can contact a Fandom staff member at Community Central.