Roblox Break In Wiki

The Safe is an item in Break In, being the main focus of one of the side-quests; hiding a prize of Bloxy Cola or Money.


The safe is hidden behind one of the five paintings on the first floor of the house that is not the tutorial painting (the one with a cursor clicking the Cat). Clicking that painting 4 times will knock off the painting and reveal the safe. If you click on an ordinary painting 3 times, a notification pops up saying, 'This painting seems to be secure. Other paintings might not be...'.

Opening the Safe

The safe needs a random 4 digit code that is written on a sheet of paper. This paper slip is located in the Basement under a randomized item that will shift slightly when clicked. Note: The code may not always be there. It is recommended to go into first person and click the items in the basement.

If the player enters the right code, the safe opens, along with the message,

<insert name here> has opened the safe. A (pack of bloxy cola, money) was inside.

Opening it reveals either a Pack of Bloxy Cola or a pile of Money (30 to the opener, 10 to the others). If the item is a Pack of Bloxy Cola then it will put the pack on the table in the dining room. If the player enters the wrong code, the safe will remain closed and the player will lose 10 energy.


  • Sometimes, the code does not make an appearance in the basement.
  • There is a 1/6561 chance to guess the code correct (on first attempt), so it is not advised to guess the code for the safe.
  • The code is randomized in each game, which means that the same code would only have a 1/43,046,721 chance of appearing 2 times in a row.

Note: The code is entirely random. Please do not spam in the comments section what exactly is the code for the safe. It changes every time. This will likely result in a warning, and if done too much a ban.