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Hello. My name is Scary Larry. And up until now, you’ve been playing easy mode. Luckily for you, that’s about to change.

–Scary Larry, Sewer

Scary Larry is the main antagonist of Break In. He is the evil mastermind, hacker, and leader of the Purge that takes place over the course of the game.


Scary Larry has white skin, a black hat with a rose at the back, a purple mask covering the area near his eyes, the "Heeeeeey" face, a belt on his waist, a pink tie, a purple shirt with a purple suit and a rose on it, black pants, sleeves and shoes, a white long beard, and a yellow wind-up key on his back. He holds the Golden Crowbar in his right hand. Scary Larry's walk animation is actually the "Bubbly Run" walk animation slowed down. His look is made up of things from the catalog, and in the final ending in Scary Larry's bedroom there is a closet where you can see the same items hung up neatly.

In-Game Events

On Day 1, Scary Larry is featured at the end of the Television broadcast, standing on top of his van and being cheered by his Minions. The news reporter warns the players to run or hide from him, and to not confront or attack him, stating that if they try to fight him they will be defeated.

Scary Larry makes his first appearance in person on Day 3. After a player finds a broken window near the Basement door, a rumbling sound is heard inside. The Narrator tells the players to hide in the closets. Sure enough, Scary Larry walks out of the basement, heading upstairs. If he spots anyone who is not in a hiding spot and does not have the invisibility effect, he runs toward the targeted player (only visible to him/her) and then attacks them for 60 Energy per swing until he/she is dead. The player will also not be able to walk when spotted by Scary Larry. After Scary Larry goes upstairs, all players are prompted to go inside the Basement. During this time, you cannot defeat Scary Larry. If he spots you, you get killed instantly.

Finally, at the beginning of Day 5, after the players go outside of the House, they see the Villains' van outside the Grocery Store, and Scary Larry is seen coming out of the store, holding a Bloxy Cola. If the players get too close, he attacks them in a similar way, forcing them to run to the objective determined by the ending.

Good/Evil Ending

Scary Larry in Sewer

After the parkour section, the Narrator glitches, eventually ending with a distorted "run". Scary Larry takes over, appearing behind the players, posing, and then super jumping to a pillar on the other side of the arena. He then greets the players, then starts the boss battle.

After Scary Larry has his key turned 3 times while he was stunned/dizzy, he is killed and drops his Golden Crowbar. A player with max energy will be able to pick up the weapon, activating the Evil Ending. If nobody picks up the crowbar the game activates the Good Ending. Doing either ending for the first time will award the Evil or Good Ending Badge (note that you have a limited amount of time to pick up the crowbar).

At the end, when the boss battle is finished, you will see that it is either daytime or nighttime. If you get the good ending, you get teleport back to the neighborhood, when it is daytime. You see the police handcuffing the villains, now wearing the Tragedy mask. If you obtain the Evil Ending, it appears to be night time, and no one is there but the survivors, the Traitor and the other NPCs.

Boss Battle

In the Boss Battle, Scary Larry can perform 3 types of attacks. He alternates between one of the first two for his first attack, then performs the third, and repeats.


"Minions, rise! It's time to purge."

"I don't feel like fighting you, fight them instead."

"Let's see how you handle my minions."

-Scary Larry, Sewer

Scary Larry summons 2-4 Minions beside the pillar he is standing on. These minions have less health than Typical Villains do, but they do not drop Money when killed and spawn in larger groups. If you do not defeat the minions, they will still be there to interfere with the spins or thorns. If you defeat Scary Larry while minions are still alive, they will disappear and the game will continue normally.


"What's a rose without some thorns?"

"I hope this doesn't hurt you too badly..."

-Scary Larry, Sewer

Scary Larry summons a large number of spikes through the ground to try and harm the player. The spikes are forewarned with a red circle around where an area that is going to be spiked is. Touching a spike does 20 damage. This happens 4 times with 2 seconds of time between, then after a few more seconds, the same thing repeats. As The Guest, the red circles disappear earlier than in normal mode, making it more difficult to see where the spikes will appear. Keep in mind, some red spots that appear are safe, but still try your best to remember and avoid the spikes.


“Time to handle you myself.“

“You’re making me extremely Angry.”

-Scary Larry, Sewer

Scary Larry jumps down from the pillar, walks to the other side of the arena, and begins to spin around with his crowbar. Scary Larry charges in a linear direction targeting a random player. If the player is not The Guest, a line of red arrows appears during this time, pointing in the direction of where Scary Larry is charging. Notably, Scary Larry predicts his target's movement and charges accordingly, which combined with the attack’s radius renders the attack difficult to dodge. If a player is hit, they will take 10 damage. or 30 damage as The Guest. If caught in the final blow of the charge, they will take 20 damage, or 60 damage as The Guest. After several repeats of this attack, Scary Larry is stunned.


When Scary Larry is dazed from spinning, he stands still momentarily with a white spiral on his head, similar to the Impostor. During this time, the player(s) have the chance to 'wind' the key on his back. Doing so removes one life (heart) from Scary Larry. A player cannot wind the key lots of times in one go. After doing this (or after he recovers if the players leave him alone), Scary Larry walks to one side of the arena, poses again, and super jumps back onto the pillar, repeating the cycle. You do not need a weapon to turn the key, although hitting him with a melee weapon does wind the key.


  • To dodge the charge attack, change direction as soon as Scary Larry starts charging.
  • The High Sugar Bloxy Cola is definitely recommended if you have a slow reaction. He gives some time to react to where the arrows will go, so be prepared.
  • During the Charge attack, since Scary Larry detects the place where the player is going to, it is recommended only to move when you are along his path of attack or you will be hit.
  • If you are on a PC, press keys A and D to move left and right. This takes less time than changing the screen and moving forwards. Shift lock or first person is also recommended.
  • WASD moves you front, left, backwards, and right.
  • It is a good idea to have a high sugar bloxy cola, since it has a permanent speed boost.
  • Save your food (from the beginning of the story).
  • When he charges at you quickly press D or A if you are on computer
  • He does 20 damage (60 as guest), so if you have low health or are the guest, stay as far as possible from his attacks.
  • Teddy bears don't work on Scary Larry, but do work on the minions.
  • Have a bag of chips due to the fact they restore 150 energy.
    • An additional tip to this is, if you have 80 dollars and the bag of chips' cost is 40 dollars, it is suggested to buy 2 of them, 2 bags of chips heal 300 energy.
  • During the charge move, try to not face one direction since he can predict where you go.

Final Ending

Scary Larry in the final ending

In the Final Ending, after the minigame where players demolish objects in Scary Larry's house under a certain time finishes, a cutscene will start showing Scary Larry casually skipping towards his house right before the bomb explodes. At the sight of his destroyed house, he will be shocked and mourn over the mess of his house. Meanwhile, the bomb is 3 seconds away from exploding and when it happens, Scary Larry is blown up into the sky and onto the player's screen, breaking the fourth wall. The story concludes with the message: "Thank you for Playing. Break In 2 is coming soon. Sincerely, Cracky4."


The model thumbnail

  • Scary Larry shares his name with a hat in the Roblox Catalog, however, the hat is not mentioned in-game.
  • Scary Larry’s movements/animation and the windup key on his back suggest he may be a wind-up toy or robot.
  • Cracky4 has recently created a model of him, giving us a better picture of how he looks like without being forced to run around or hide.
  • This battle is similar to the Principal boss in Field Trip Z, as it requires dodging attacks, then hitting it, repeated 3 times.
  • Scary Larry is a Roblox Toy which can be found in Celebrity Series 7.
  • There has been a theory that Scary Larry secretly has back problems, explaining why he walks weirdly and owns a cane-like stick.