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The Sewer is the final main location in the game (the others being the House, the Basement and the Grocery Store) Break In. However, it can only be accessed in the Good Ending and Bad Ending.


The Sewer is where players take refuge when Scary Larry chases them down the road.

This only accessible during Day 5. If a player tries to go over during Days 1 or 4, a notification will pop up saying “Not yet.” This hints that the players go here somewhere near the later parts of the story.


When stepping in the Sewer, the players will first have to go down a slope with slime on it that does no damage to the players.

After that, there is an obstacle course/obby that players have to complete to advance to the final stage of the game. Drowning in the green, slimy water makes you drown and repetitively lose 40 Energy. This is worse when using The Guest, as you lose triple times the damage (repetitively losing 120 energy) as The Guest.

Secret Shop

A little known secret is the darker, much harder alternative parkour path and going through the sewer entrance leads to a small can find a Shopkeeper who sells High Sugar Bloxy Cola, for the cost of $20. If you spent all or most of your money of shopping in the Grocery Store, don’t worry. If you have a balance less than $20 after you go Grocery Store, getting money from the last Room Invasion will help you get to the money needed.

Boss Battle

Finally, there is a large platform which serves as the final boss battle with Scary Larry.

For more information about the boss fight, click here.

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