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The House is the main location in Break In, where the players live in and the main events of the game take place.


The House is a small 2-story house with a black roof, with a backyard beside it with some trees, a bath pool, two benches and the Egg Portal.

The House is the main area for most activities in the game.


The items hidden in the house can be found by everyone, and, aside from the Basement Key, picking one up does not affect if others can pick them up.

  • Basement: A small unfinished basement. Holds multiple Weapons, 2 Apples, a stack of 10 Money, the code for the Safe, and a Ladder to put under the Attic trapdoor.
  • Level 2 (Ground Level): A large space divided by walls into a Living Room, a main room, a Kitchen. Holds a few Hiding Spots, drawers, and Paintings (a Safe can be found). There is a Garden next to the house.
  • Level 3: Large room with doors connecting to the Green Room, Pink Room, Blue Room, and Bathroom. Holds many drawers and Laptops.
  • Level 4 (Attic) Accessed by placing a Ladder where the trapdoor is and climbing up, this storage room holds miscellaneous stuff, but also Icebreaker, Broom, Pie Dish/Pack of Bloxy Cola, and Poisonous Pizza (the weapons in the attic have knockback).
  • It is noted that you can find at least 4 apples, 2 cookies, 1 bloxy cola (three if the safe and attic has the Pack of Bloxy Cola), 1 pie dish (if the Attic has them)and 130 money max 50 come from the villians that appear in the rooms while you're sleeping and 30 can come from the safe if you opened it or 10 if you didn't. 10 can come from the basement and 20 in the drawers.
  • In the drawers of Level 2 and 3, you can find 2 cookies, 1 apple, and 20 cash. A can of Bloxy Cola can be found above the bath on a shelf or the area behind the staircase. Try to get all of the following items, but only eat the 2 cookies. Save the Apples and the Bloxy Cola for later use or to make a Glazed Apple Pie, which gives the most healing out of all the pies.
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