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Hi <insert name here>, I'm Jake, and I find a passion in editing fandom wikis. I find that this has the best interface by far. This is the first wiki that I've edited, and so far, I love how friendly, warm-hearted, and welcoming the community is. While I was inactive for quite awhile, I’ve started to regain some activity on this wiki. If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them on my message wall!

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I do play Roblox sometimes, but not as much as I used to. There are only a few games that may be the only reason I ever play Roblox again:

  • Vesteria - My favorite RPG and MMORPG game to play. It has cool-looking graphics, innovative approaches to developing RPG, the creation of classes, and storylines. It‘s known for it’s high robux cost to play the game (but now its free!!). Btw, I also am an editor on Vesteria Wiki. Please check the game out. While the game can be quite challenging to new players who expect an easier difficulty, please do not let this discourage you from continuing to play, unless you truly dislike the game :(.
  • World Zero and Swordburst 2 - For World Zero, another RPG game! You can choose different classes and each have unique abilities. You must fight through each “world“ and progress by completing all dungeons/missions. Combat isn’t as simple, you must learn the ways of how your enemy attacks and learn how to kite then. For Swordburst 2, it’s a VERY grindy game, however, I like the idea of progressing through each floor by beating the boss on the previous floor and the weapon variety.
  • Story Games - First story game was Camping by SamsonXVI. I loved the idea of stories and endings in general. Next came the sequels like Camping 2 and stuff. I also played the Airplane series which had the same idea. Then came Break In by Cracky4. I thought Break In was taking a story game one step further, adding energy system, more interaction, and side quests. Afterwards, came Field Trip Z which had a similar concept to Break In.
  • Farmtown - Most people think farming games are kind of grindy and boring and I understand. But Welcome To Farmtown by smelly was a fantastic and amazing farming game. His first version was called “Classic” and it involved seeding, watering, and harvesting. You could buy structures like barns, or raise animals, or go scavenging for mushrooms. Next came his Overhaul update and I was like wow, the game difficulty rose drastically, but it gave me a new feel. Now you literally have to construct buildings through blueprints step by step instead of having it magically appear when you buy it and raising animals requires stages where they eventually grow from babies to adults.
  • Tower Defenders - Great tower defense game. I also play tower battles, evolution evade, and tried out tower heroes. I like Tower Defenders the most due to it having a challenging gameplay and having cool graphics. In this game, the towers are not going to just have one form of attack. They have multiple styles of attacks and abilities. There’s also a new concept of barracks where troops will guard the paths stopping enemies in their tracks and they will initiate a fight between the enemy and the barrack troop.
  • Loomian Legacy - This resembles a Pokemon game and it’s a new game that rose from the fall of Pokémon Brick Bronze. Instead of Pokémon, you have creatures called Loomians. The storyline is pretty similar to Pokémon Brick Bronce, in which you go to the laboratory to receive your first Loomian and start an adventure by encountering and battling your way up to the highest gym or Battle Theatre. Loomian Legacy definitely has some more complicated style of building than Pokémon Brick Bronze. OMG ATLANTHIAN CITY IS NEXT!
  • Hexaria - Ever wanted to dive in a different style RPG game? Then wait no more! Hexaria is an innovative RPG that takes on a card-based combat system. Instead of fighting with swords and real-time dodging and striking, the player will use cards and turn-based combat to take down their foes. Collect numerous cards of various rarities, and meet mysterious NPCs in the multiple different locations of Hexaria.
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