Welcome to the Roblox Break In Wiki 1st User Awards this is a new type of event that we’ll happen to Roblox Break In Wiki yearly unlike the (year)(letter)E events the Roblox Break In Wiki 1st User Awards well not be voted by chosen judges but voted by users across the Roblox Break In Wiki and well be voted by contributions to the wiki like most active user or most active user in discussions not all users on the wiki well be on the list but only the top 3 well be on the list for each category you may NOT vote for your self if you are on the list you may only vote one person per category the prizes well be a user medal a profile tag and a special template on your profile if you have any questions about the event contact Gdbbsjxk


  • This may not be an official event and may be cancelled by other wiki staff
  • The idea of this came from a post by OrangeCarrotJuice and most parts of the event came from Avatar Wiki
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