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Villains are the main antagonistic group in Break In, being the main source of the Purge. Types of them include Typical Villains, Minions, Impostor, and Scary Larry.


Typical Villains

In charge of Room Invasions and the Basement Invasions. The most common type, seen almost in every night; including in Scary Larry's Home sleeping. You can earn up to 90$ by defeating these Typical Villains, but this depends on whether or not you close the Basement door (Day 3).


Attacks in Scary Larry's boss battle, weaker than the Typical Villains but can be summoned easily in larger groups.


A Villain that is larger than others, who imposes a Pizza Man.

Shotgun-wielding Villains

Seen on the Television during the news broadcast. Not much is known about them.

Villain with a Spray Can

Cannot be defeated or attacked. Can be seen when you complete all 5 graffiti around the house, during a cutscene.

Scary Larry

The boss of all of them, deceased in Break In.

Deviled Egg

Not affiliated with the Purge, though it attacks the Egg Realm for the Easter Event.

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