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This is a page about the wiki's information.

Wiki Rules

This is the official section for the rules of this wiki.

Note that just because you got a warning or got blocked not accordingly to these rules didn't mean you did anything wrong. We are constantly moderating the wiki to make it better.

To see more specific rules about editing, please see the Editing Guidelines.

Any rule with an asterisk (*) has a warning, then followed by a block the length of time that it says. Note that two warnings will only result in a block if they are for the same reason. More asterisks means one more warning per asterisk.


WARNING: These rules are outdated. Please refer to Roblox Break In Wiki:Rules for the updated one.

  • Strictly NO NSFW or 18+ content. (Permanent block and ban)
  • Strictly NO insulting or bullying anyone's race, gender, and disabilities, or being toxic (mean) in any way. (Permanent block and ban)*
  • No edit farming. (1-month block)*
  • Off-topic content is not allowed in the Discussion tab. (1-week block)*
  • Creating useless pages (only pages that are not true, unrelated to Break In, or contain minor details) is not allowed. (2-week block)
  • Please use grammar.*
  • Do not advertise or solicit on pages (also considered vandalism), in the comments section, etc. Exceptions are on profile pages and blog posts. (1 month block)*
  • Please do not ask for admin or other roles unless "invited".*
  • Vandalizing pages will result in a permanent block and ban depending on the severity (if you notify admins that it was unintentional we may consider a shorter block)
  • NO swearing/cussing/profane/vulgar language. If you don’t know if a word is profanity or not, ask a admin or bureaucrat. (>1-month block)* (NO USING:) Religious slurs like Jesus Christ, (Oh my God is fine, just don’t spam it.) Do not use: Hel*, F**k, or any other terms that are nsfw. Damn is allowed, but again, don’t spam it. Derogatory internet slang is also not allowed if meant to harm another user (ex. noob, nub, simp, boomer).
  • NO extremely biased edits or hasty assumptions on articles (>1-week block)*
  • Please do not change the name of templates, as this will result in the templates that appear on pages to not work. *
  • Do not organize an official event without permission from administrators or bureaucrats. Official events will always have an announcement made. *
  • If you are blocked, do not create alts to evade it. We can see your IP address and your block will be lengthened or made infinite.
  • No abusing admin rights. This means: removing roles, creating alt accounts and giving them rights, blocking users, issuing warnings when there is no valid reason to do such, or fishing out opportunities to do so (ex. saying that someone who misspelled a word vandalized the page). (>1 week block)
  • Do not spam chat or the comment section. (3 or more posts in 1 minute, or meaningless comments) (only exception are posts designated for spamming)(memes and references are fine, but do not excessively spam it) (3-day block)**
  • Respect authorities and warnings. Removing warnings will result in a month block.
  • Do not attempt to fix vandalism if you are not rollback or above. It makes our job harder. Also, do not edit a page if it has been vandalized, instead wait for somebody to fix it, then you may edit. Note: If you see something vandalized, alert any admins or comment on that page that it has been vandalized. (1 week block)*
  • Do not add useless or irrelevant categories to articles. More is covered on the Editing Guidelines. (1 month block)* Though you may be complaining that this is a harsh consequence, removing entire categories is time-consuming and there is no direct way to do so.
  • NO joke posts (1 month block)*
  • This also accounts for upvoting posts. The upvoting system is used as a way to upvote comments you like. If you're just going to upvote every comment you see, people are going to get spammed with useless notifications of somebody upvoting all of your comments. (1 week - 2 week block depending on severity)*.
  • Advertising - (2 Month Block)*
  • Do not edit other people‘s profiles without permission. (1-Month Block)*
  • Do not comment about something that has had a negative impact on the world.

Going against any of these rules will result in a direct warning or block from a Sysop. - Roblox Break In Wiki Staff

Appealing a Warning/Block

  • If you think you were given a warning or block for the wrong reason or believe it should be appealed for any reason, please say it on your message wall after the block notice. If we believe your reason is valid, we will appeal the warning/block. Do not use this as an opportunity to unblock yourself if it is obvious you broke one of the rules, and have been presented with valid evidence proving your block.

Wiki History (note: not frequently updated)

Approximate Date Event
February 16th, 2020

The first photo ever in the wiki (other than wiki-wordmark which is now updated)

The Start. Officially founded by FLAMMECHAUD. But they become inactive very soon... and never came back except once.
February 20th, 2020
February 27th, 2020
  • Finally, FLAMMECHAUD comes back... and gives all roles to 3 people (S0mE0nE, Кошмарный фредбеар, and Nottthing) but Nottthing had already left the wiki by then.
  • Iguana Oof came and asked Someone for admin and he got it! (Reminder: ASKING FOR ADMIN NOW WILL RESULT IN A WARNING) Soon, Jake also got his well-deserved staff rights.

Orange Carrot Juice's avatar

  • Then OrangeCarrotJuice came since he wanted to help a developing wiki. He edited the stub template and S0mE0nE13948 surprisingly gave him admin after he asked for it.
May 12th 2020
  • One of the people who adopted the wiki returned, only to block and lie to the users, and destroy things like the home page, The evil co-founder blocked these users, PsychicPats, S0mE0nE13948, and The Confusing Illusion. Luckily, Illusion was able to unblock himself, (from his sysop privileges) and unblocked PsychicPats and S0mE0nE13948, but some of the damage was permanent.
  • Iguana Oof, OrangeCarrotJuice, the judges of the art contest, are now organizing the wiki's first official event, an art contest! OrangeCarrotJuice can't figure out the right code to make the virtual prizes, and OrangeCarrotJuice is now very upset. But then OrangeCarrotJuice finds help on Fandom Developers Wiki and one of the admins is really nice and fixes the code for us! Now the virtual prizes (medals) work now!  
May 18th 2020 Gdbbsjxk, founder of BGS Community Content Wiki joined and added Custom Profile Tags and user Status to the wiki. Soon there may be a crossover event with BGS Community Content Wiki, and Gdbbsjxk may be organizing it!
May 22nd 2020

The winning art piece, by Ninja Boy 575. Congrats.

The art event ends. Ninja boy 575 in 1st place, Harck91 in second place, and I have no nammmmmmme and Royale high rules tied for 3rd.
May 31st 2020 Gdbbsjxk breaks every rule on the rule page and gets a block with no expiration. This has ruined a lot of the chances for the Crossover.
June 4th 2020 The story event begins! May the best Purger win... (Judged by The Confusing Illusion and Royale high rules)

  • Approximately the same time, ImAThinkNoodlesFan gets Content Moderator and a purple color username.
June 6th 2020
  • One of the co-leaders, The Confusing Illusion, commented an insult on the BGSCCW, but the problem is resolved, and SaltRay becomes a content mod and is going to help with vandals when Break In 2 comes out, SaltRay will try to continue the crossover event.  
  • S0mE0nE13948, the leader, goes inactive on 12/6/2020. Jake10002, OrangeCarrotJuice, and The Confusing Illusion are "co-leaders" now until further notice.
June 12th 2020
  • A Field Trip Z wiki admin asks us to delete Field Trip Z pages. Goodbye Dumpster Diver Dan.

    He wants to say goodbye to y'all

  • Founder of Field Trip Z wiki wants to do a crossover event with us.
  • It has been confirmed that Iguana Oof has won. However, this is a failed event as Royale high rules have not judged her part of the participants. Alas, let us congratulate the winner of the June2020SE.
    Png (1).png
  • Cracky4 has joined the wiki's discord!
June 17th 2020

Gdbbsjxk has gotten permanently banned by fandom. Rest in peace BGS Community Content wiki, KO simulator wiki and an important admin of us...

June 2020
July 1st 2020
  • Gdbbsjxk is back! Apparently, it was only a week block. What an anti-climax. But be grateful our best coder is back!
  • OrangeCarrotJuice reaches 2000 edits.
July 17th 2020

The first draft of the logo

* It has been decided that Ninja boy 575 and S0mE0nE13948 would be judging the next event: July/August2020BE. Unfortunately the event has failed to commence properly :(
  • S0mE0nE13948 reaches 2000 edits.
August 2nd 2020 Gdbbsjxk added the pages for the new Roblox Break In User Awards Event a new type of event that we’ll happen yearly it can me from a post from OrangeCarrotJuice about the event on Avatar Wiki it has not been conformed by other wiki staff
August 2020 to April 2021
18th April 2021
April to July 2021 The community continues to interact, with many creating memes in Community Memes. Not much changes to the wiki itself due to the wiki basically being finished with Break In and related content.
August 2021
  • MarcusDaFriendly hosts a unofficial story competition with Soulthew, which PixelatedHeart wins. Congratulations, and I would like to thank everyone who participated for their effort.
  • Another competition about Break In 2 is being hosted.
December 2021
  • Gdbbsjxk has been blocked (also demoted) permanently for breaking almost every rule in the wiki.
January 2022
  • BaconBoi1111 is promoted to Admin.
  • 2022DCE (aka Art Contest) commences, from 27th Jan-8th Feb 2021. The winner is announced to be SwooshDude, other participants includes Soulthew, DarkenedAshface, PixelatedHeart and Gabriellia.toms.
  • PixelatedHeart is promoted to rollback and thread moderator.
  • Harck91 is demoted due to inactivity.
February 2022
  • BaconBoi1111 quits the wiki due to unknown reason and is demoted later on.
  • Ninja Boy 575 gets demoted due to inactivity.
April 2022
  • Iguana Oof hosted an interactive story event on 20th April, 2022. There are 17 participants: The Confusing Illusion ; Skiddandpumpy ; TheEpicMeme1234 ; PixelatedHeart ; Timberpelt ; GamesSpirit ; Soulthew ; BananaBook ; Dragoon717bra ; SwooshDude ; Harck91 ; OrangeCarrotJuice ; TheSeaDweller12 ; Adricellogamer ; MzTheMorzical ; PoggersXD (More info here: